Centrifugal & Heavy Equipment

Trained Professionals

At Peake Technologies, a team of specially trained technicians has spent the last 45 years providing our industry with the highest quality of services required for maintaining large Chillers. Our technicians are trained to inspect, analyze, and tear down, overhaul and rebuild these intricate units

There are well over 100,000 Centrifugal Chillers in operation around the world. Over the last century, these machines have proven to be the workhorses of the air-conditioning industry; particularly when it comes to the economic principles required for cooling large facilities today.

We also provide condenser tube cleaning to our brand name units and analysis on Chiller performance. Give us a call to have your Chiller system checked today.

Centrifugal Chillers

All Chillers are equipped with components called Heat Exchangers. They are designed to transfer “heat” collected from the occupied space or solution its cooling and moving that heat to a place where it is unobjectionable.

How They Work

An example of this process is carried out by your car’s ‘radiator'. When you fill the radiator in your car with “water or coolant”, it is pumped through several ports located in the engine. As the water flows through these ports, it absorbs the heat generated by the engine. This process heats the water, which is then transferred to the radiator for cooling. The heated water is cooled down by the ambient air - blown across the fins of the radiator - by fans. The cycle is repeated every time you start your engine.