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Tank Cleaning

Keeping Your Water Pure

Water and water storage are of vital importance in the day-to-day running of our homes, offices and commercial businesses. Water tanks are common sources of a range of bacteria which can be detrimental to health so it is important that they are cleaned regularly. The quality of water in our tanks is generally very good in terms of mineral and chemical content, however, some form of biological contamination usually exists. Fecal matter due to birds and animals, decaying animal carcasses, other materials such as dust, leaves and corroded metals can find their way into a water tank.

Peake Technologies offers full water tank cleaning services for your peace of mind. Gone are the days when you get into a water tank with a shovel , bucket and sponge. We use a specialised industrial system which vacuums the water tank , removing the sediment without stirring it up and as a result uses minimal water - ensuring you are left with the cleanest water available.

Fight Against Grime in Your Water Tank

Peake Technologies offers a variety of tank cleaning services for both residential and industrial needs, ensuring quality and standard service through our fully trained operators & modern equipment. We offer affordable rates, extremely clean & convenient service with minimal water displacement. Besides having cleaner water, removing sediment from the bottom of your water tank also reduces wear and tear on your pumps and filters.

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